Manifest With Sam Reid

Becoming a Psychic Medium

My Journey to Guiding Others

I have always known that helping others was my higher purpose in life, but I never really knew what that meant for my future. As a child I wanted to be everything from a nurse to a teacher to someone who “helps the poor,” and eventually I settled on a teacher. In 2009 I married my husband, graduated college with a teaching degree, and we began our lives together. In 2011 I landed a job where I knew I was going to make a difference, and I began teaching in the state of Colorado with at risk high school students. I did everything I could to be all the things those students needed me to be, and day after day I fell short. They just needed so much, and the task felt impossible without adequate support. It was slowly consuming all of my energy and with a new baby at home I needed a fresh start. 

  I spent the next year teaching preschool hoping the innocence of 2 and 3 year old’s would rejuvenate my soul. Although they brought me many days of laughter and hugs and the sweetest moments, I was unfulfilled. I had always known elementary age students were the perfect fit for me, but finding a job in elementary was incredibly competitive. Finally, in 2013 I began teaching 4th grade in St. Vrain, and for years to come I was happy.

  Teaching is such a special occupation for many reasons, but the most important is that we are given a chance to mold the lives of young people. These children are the center of someone’s universe, and we have been blessed with an opportunity to spend our days with them. Every day is a gift and challenge, and over time I began to lose myself in everything I put into my job as a teacher/mother/wife. I had no idea what to do because teaching is all I have ever wanted to do. How could I fix the pieces of me that seemed so broken while also continuing to be the person my students and my family deserved?

  I have always been someone that has struggled with anxiety, but in the spring of 2019, I hit a new low. I ended up in the emergency room with extreme chest pains wondering if I was having a heart attack. It was really scary. The only thing we could come up with is my anxiety was taking a toll on me, and I knew I needed a change. I had just taken Holy Fire III Reiki levels 1 and 2, and felt some relief, so I reached out to my teacher, the most incredible psychic medium, Sarina Baptista. We sat together and asked my guides what I needed to do, and they confirmed what I had sensed for years. I was not fulfilling my highest purpose. What I was doing as a teacher was great, but it was not the end of my journey.

  In the same month that I ended up in the ER, I also began a psychic medium certification course with Sarina. I learned so much about energy, our higher guides, and navigating our time here on Earth. For the first time possibly in my whole life, I felt whole. Being a psychic medium has come easily to me. I have always sensed and interacted with the other side, but Sarina has helped me hone my skills so communication is clear. I have never been more at peace or in purpose than I am when I’m connected to the beautiful light from the Divine.