Manifest With Sam Reid

Preparing for a Session

The first thing to determine is what are you hoping to receive during your reading. Spend some time being clear about who you want to connect to and what you are expecting from the connection. Also, phone sessions are just as powerful as in-person sessions. What I do is communicate on an energetic level, so it does not matter where you are.
Medium Sessions
If you want to connect with a loved one who has passed, know they will be there! I will be asking you your loved one’s name and their relationship to you so we can “call” your loved one to connect with us. If you are guided to have a picture of your loved one or something that belonged to them, please have that with you. These items certainly are not necessary for connection, but it might assist you in feeling closer to them during the session.
Understand your loved one will give you validation of who they are during the session. They may or may not answer specific questions from you. We always allow your loved ones to guide the session in whatever way they need. If you come to your session with the idea, “My loved one must give me this specific answer or I won’t believe it is them,” you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Come with an open mind and you will be amazed at how hard your loved ones work to get you the messages you need!
Psychic Sessions
Psychic sessions are most productive when you have specific questions you want your angels and guides to answer. Asking questions like, “I just want to know whatever,” will bring very general answers and may not accomplish what you intended for the session. Questions like, “Do I need to change careers?” or “What is the best way for me to live in purpose?” are good questions that will give your angels and guides the opportunity to share with you valuable information for your life.
Reiki Sessions
How I run my sessions
First and foremost, I am a trained psychic medium. I have been trained and mentored by Sarina Baptista at the Psychic Center of Northern Colorado. Please know that your loved ones want to help you to heal and know they are close by, so we work together to bring you evidential messages of their presence still in your life.
By the same token, this is not an exact science. I am human and I do use my human senses to receive information. Sometimes what I see, hear or feel might not make sense in the moment. It might be something happening in the future. Maybe your loved one shows me something that is important to them, but you might not know this until you start asking questions of your relatives after you leave my office.
Be open to their messages to you. If you come in with a specific idea of what they will say, you can miss the true message for you. The information your loved ones provide is up to them, not us. They will let you know it is them, even if they don’t say the exact phrase you ask them to.
I also meditate daily, and often your guides will reach out to me days before your session begins. This is something I have asked them to do if they feel it will benefit our session for several reasons. First, it will optimize our time together because I have already done some of the communicating outside of the session. The first part of every session is focused on what your guides want you to hear. I always do this first so I don’t get sidetracked by Earthly desires, and I’m able to communicate clearly what they want your to hear for your highest good. Secondly, communication from Spirit will often come in subtle forms, and that gives me more time to receive information on your behalf. For example, they may draw my attention to a specific kind of bird, and then show me your name. I’ll jot that down, and during our session I’ll bring you that information. Maybe it’s from your aunt, who you are hoping to communicate with, or from your guides as a symbol or a memory. Of course, if they don’t give me any information in advance, that’s fine too. They know what’s best.
Psychic Readings: One thing I like to make very clear is that there are no absolutes when it comes to psychic readings. We come to this planet to experience FREE WILL. What a glorious thing this FREE WILL. It can be a problem also since what I am shown during your psychic reading is based upon you going down the path they show me. Should you choose to change the path and not go down the one intended at the time of the reading, you will change the outcome. This is not good or bad; it is just a fact of being here. Please keep this in mind when asking about future paths. They will always show us the path that is for your highest good, so please keep this in mind when you are choosing which way to go.
Also, I do not read minds. I feel it is an invasion of privacy and therefore I do not even pretend to know what you are thinking. Should your guide or loved one tell me what’s going on in your head, then I know it is for a specific purpose to help you. Please do not feel, though, when you walk into my office that I will know everything about you. Also, if there is someone specific with whom you wish to connect, please tell me. We save a ton of time just asking that person to come into our session. Please know I only work with the highest guides and angels. I do not deal with any “dark” or lower energies AT ALL and they are not allowed to come into our session.
I look forward to connecting with you at your session! If you have any questions I have not answered here, please feel free to contact me prior to our session together!