Manifest With Sam Reid

Tier 1 - Foundational Services

This is where is all gets to change. This is where we remove the barriers and excuses that have been holding us back and JUST GET STARTED.

This is where you get to shout from the mountain top “SHOW ME HOW GOOD IT GETS!!” and follow the guidance.

Free Resources

These FREE resources are designed to get you results, sometimes immediately! Allow them to bring you more guidance, abundance and clarity, and then keep taking aligned action because THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING of something incredible. 

30 Day Shift

This micro program is perfect for you if your biggest barriers to making a change are TIME and MONEY. This training walks you through making small, manageable changes in your daily life that can create MASSIVE results. Manifest more than you thought possible through aligned and consistent action!

Unapologetic Era Membership

COMMUNITY, CONSISTENCY and CLARITY are the pillars of the Unapologetic Era Membership. In this space, you’ll get LIVE monthly community Q&A calls, collective card readings, Reiki healing circles, guidance around powerful events like new and full moons, exclusive offers and pricing, and so much more!  If you’re looking for proximity and guidance for a low cost, join the Unapologetic Era Membership! Join for as little as one month or lock in a full year of support.